Your alarm clock is set for 6.30 am. Unfortunately you were awake at 2am for 25-45 minutes and you feel tired when the alarm goes off. You choose to stay a bit longer in bed or you might have to prepare your children for nursery or school. No time for you to sit and have breakfast. All you get is a latte from the Coffee house you pass on your way to work. At 10ish you feel tired and are craving something sweet. Lunchtime is not until noon where you’ll just have a salad as you’re on a diet again! 

Your day consists of answering emails and phone calls, attending meetings, worrying about deadlines and unhappy customers, making decisions, meeting demands and planning for later. You check social media, surf the Internet, shop after work, chat and rush around. Just just make it for one hour of Crossfit. Finally dinnertime at 7.30pm and you stuff yourself, followed by icecream in front of the TV or just a glass or two of your favorite red wine You go to bed at 11.30 pm and your whole system has to work to digest, which disturbs the quality of your sleep.

Just an average day with plenty of yang.

Yin and yang. The black and the white symbol for the eastern philosophy Taoism. The two halfcircles creating a full circle balancing the opposite of each other.
– Yang is the day, the sun, the daylight, warmth, movement, circulation, and external
– Yin is the night, the moon, the darkness, coldness, stillness, consolidation, and within.  
Translating this into your everyday life and understanding why the yin instruments are vital for your life force, you need to understand yin and yang in the lifestyle you are living right now.

Yes yin is the feminine and yang the masculine. Everything has an opposite, like the back is yang and the front is yin. The liver is yin and gallbladder is yang. As both men and women have these organs it is important for me to share that yin yoga is not for women only but most definitely for both genders to stay or rebuild health and longevity.

Ok, so what is yin then, you ask? When did your mind and your physical body rest? Aha the 6 hours of disturbed sleep with many awakenings during the night. Yin is the good night sleep between 10.30 pm and 5.30-6.00 am. And yes a feeling of freshness in your body as well as mind. It’s better to leave your assignments and tidying up and make your sleep a priority by 10.30 pm. Important chores are better having your attention during the early morning instead of late at night. Get up at 5 am instead, even when it comes to your studies.

Yin instruments are all about controlling your Digestion, Detoxification and Sleep. When these 3 vital yin instruments are properly functioning, vitality and good health are stored and your life force prolonged.

Feeling broken down, experiencing insomnia, constipation, loose bowels, migraines, lower back pain, heavy legs walking up the stairs, eczema, allergies, and/or low immune system… are you crying without any reason, nervous about tomorrow, frustrated at work, worried about your loved ones, annoyed by your weight, stressed out about what you don’t get done during the day? As your five basic emotions are stored in your organs, your energy channels might be blocked due to stress, trauma, too much yang or your body may just be compensating to keep pain away. Your chi could be stagnated or blocked so your yin instruments are out of function. Yin yoga is your healing toolkit to be done here, there and everywhere.

OK, so what is it, you might ask. Transferring the philosophy from the understanding of Yin into a physical practice using grounding, holding and relaxation, the poses are all lying or sitting down, held for around 3-7 minutes to create space in your body, focusing on your breathing, which is all about expanding and contracting you to stay still.

With Yin yoga, you will gain more space and therefor experience better movement in your body. Your blood will flow freely and energy will rise for you to think more clearly and movement will happen require less energy. Working with the connective tissue, the fashia surrounding your bones, your muscles and your organs. Creating strength and flexibility to your joints and ligaments. It is more than having flexible hamstrings and being able to make a drop back onto the floor. It is about having softness and space around your organs and your meridians where chi (energy) and your nervous system runs along channels like rivers in your body. It is mindfulness and a lot more as it balance your wholesomeness with true Yinpower.

In yin yoga, you cannot avoid the positive effects, when the long held poses and stillness starts stimulating your para sympathetic nervous system. Over time you will gain energy and a natural strength to keep calm when your surroundings are demanding your presence, when life puts pressure on you and you feel lost. The strength from the balance within after opening up for more yin will keep you grounded and your mind will remain clear.
Yin yoga can transform, heal and rejuvenate your body, mind and life. Yin recharges you, rebuilds you and strengthens your ability to see the beauty in life, even on a rainy day. As people from the Philippines put it; yin yoga is transforming bodies, minds and lives. In Singapore mobility is freedom made possible with yin yoga. In Denmark yin yoga is a complement to your life.

It is all sitting and lying down poses. It won’t make you sweat. You can go back to work, family dinner or out for your coffee afterwards. Anyone can join as shape, physical condition or favorite exercise doesn’t matter.

Looking forward to see you on the mat for Yin yoga.


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